The Room by kozeen Shiwan

The Room is an intimate 14-seat immersive sensory dining experience based around the life of Kozeen Shiwan.  The restaurant’s name, “The ROOM”, refers to a mysterious and gloomy space, where all guests are gathered around the same table, and simultaneously get to follow Kozeen Shiwan’s work & creative process up close. Everyone is welcome to the ROOM - as long as you find your way through the curtains within restaurant Lulu’s.

Kozeen Shiwan

Having worked in numerous Michelin-starred restaurants in Finland and abroad, Kozeen has gained recognition through his pop-up projects and guest chef appearances in cities like Hong Kong, Copenhagen, and St. Petersburg. His charismatic presence and golden teeth have made him well-known to the public, including through TV appearances with his flamboyant pop-up restaurants.

As a chef, Shiwan's food reflects his personal identity, blending Middle Eastern and Nordic influences. His unique cooking style offers complete experiences that evoke strong emotions and provoke thoughtful contemplation.

In 2017, Shiwan's culinary performances, showcased as part of the Helsinki Design Museum's Enter and Encounter exhibition, garnered extensive support and media coverage, earning praise from both food and art critics.