Kozeen Shiwan is a chef, creative, and restaurateur from Helsinki, Finland. Originally from Kurdistan, Shiwan moved to Finland with his family via Turkey in 1998. Growing up in Lahti, he immersed himself in skateboarding, music, art, and fashion during his childhood.

Shiwan has gained experience working in several Michelin-starred restaurants in Finland and abroad. He has also successfully organized pop-up projects and served as a guest chef in various locations, including Hong Kong, Copenhagen, St. Petersburg, and across Finland. Through his charismatic appearances and pop-up restaurants, the chef with golden teeth has become well-known to the general public.In 2017, Shiwan was featured as the face of the Helsinki Design Museum's Enter and Encounter exhibition. His I AM culinary performances, integral to his installation and the exhibition, received significant support, mainstream media coverage, and acclaim from food and art critics.

As a passionate chef, Shiwan's cuisine reflects his personal identity. His unique cooking style combines Middle Eastern and Nordic influences, resulting in deeply personal and innovative dishes.

Shiwan offers complete dining experiences that elicit strong emotions and encourage introspection. His culinary creations are a true reflection of his identity as an individual and a chef, combining the flavors of the Middle East and the Nordics in a truly unique and personal way.

in media

Kozeen Shiwan offers media appearances and creative work that goes beyond photoshoots, television, and film. With a unique eye for aesthetic perfection, Kozeen Shiwan's presence and work elevate every visual presentation, capturing the essence of creative thinking.

Known for his television appearances as "The chef with golden teeth," Kozeen Shiwan actively seeks out intriguing collaborations that push the boundaries of creativity. Whether it's creating stunning visuals for magazine spreads, bringing mouthwatering dishes to life on screen, or collaborating with artists and designers on captivating installations, Kozeen Shiwan's food styling ensures that each project becomes a feast for the eyes.


Kozeen Shiwan offers catering services and is available for private events, tailoring each experience to your needs. Whether you require catering for a special occasion or desire to host a private event, Kozeen Shiwan ensures a memorable experience. Our team can customize the catering for small gatherings or larger affairs, accommodating your preferences.

For those seeking an extraordinary private event experience, Kozeen Shiwan's restaurant in the heart of Helsinki provides an exquisite setting. Immerse yourself in the ambiance and culinary artistry as you and your guests enjoy the personalized attention and exceptional service provided by our dedicated team. Every element is thoughtfully curated to create an unforgettable private dining experience.


Kozeen Shiwan's expertise shines through as he seamlessly blends his culinary mastery with creative thinking, offering commercial campaigns, product innovations and influence work that leaves a lasting impression.

In product innovation, Kozeen Shiwan utilizes his culinary mastery and passion for excellence to develop captivating and innovative offerings. Whether it's crafting new menu items, creating signature products, or providing consultancy services, Kozeen Shiwan's touch adds a touch of creative magic to every venture.

As an influential figure, Kozeen Shiwan's collaborations extend beyond the culinary sphere, resonating with diverse audiences across multiple industries. His ability to captivate and inspire through his creative ventures makes him a highly sought-after collaborator for successful brand engagements in campaign launches.